Saturday, April 15, 2017

Making a ‘valiant effort’

April 3-April 15, 2017

After 151 days parked in one was our day ‘to get rolling’..


We were hitched up and ready to head out just before 9 am…It was going to be a ‘long travel day’…

Some long, arduous miles were ahead of us…the sun was shining but the wind was blowing from the west…our direction of course..bucking a head wind….the travel day went very quickly and by 10 am we were at our destination?..

Fooled you all…yes only 58 kilometers..


We are parked in our usual spring time spot in Keremeos…it is here we will wait until it’s time to head back to work..hoping for April 15th but the fourteen day forecast doesn’t look to promising..

that darn white stuff seems to be relentless and follows us where ever we go..

our fingers are crossed that the weather will improve before it’s time to head back to Tunkwa Provincial Park..

So for now we will enjoy the family time…there is a list  to chores to do on the farm and we have some ‘work to do as well’..

This is our transistion time …winter gear is packed away and we sort through our ‘summer’ stuff’..and get that organized and ready to go for the ‘work phase’ of the next six months.

the sorting is complete…we even donated a few items..

winter stuff out spring stuff in

winter items back into the  big bin till next season..and the ‘park stuff’ is all ready to go..

I am going to try and make a ‘valiant effort’ to post a bit more frequently than I did over the winter…

you know of course the days will all run together but I will try my darndest to keep up to date..I do have a ‘journal’ that I write in daily..recording the weather and what we ‘actually do’ all day long…most days are not all that interesting but it is fun to have a new way of recording things..

I made some banana for those who know me..I don’t like bananas but banana bread?..well that’s a completely different story..

banana bread

One of our ‘must go to places’ when we are in Keremeos is to visit Doug’s Homestead, just west of the town of Hedley…home of the best pepperoni and the bacon?, well there is none like it at the grocery store..

dougs homestead

We left a ‘few dollars’ stop was Penticton to get a few groceries and then on the way back we stopped at the dog park  so Tucker could have a run…a perfect view of a cloud covered K-mountain..

k mountain

the rains have arrived today…grey skies and that ‘wet stuff’ is falling from the sky..just another indoor day..

rainy days and fridays

I started another knitting project a few days ago..I have used this yellow yarn before but that project got ‘ripped out’ I am hoping this one will make it to the ‘finish line’..

yellow blanket

thanks for the pattern Brenda…this one is a ‘new favorite’

We made the ‘familiar trek’ down the the coast for a few was time for Doctor appointments and more family time..

hopeprinceton 1

the roads were clear and the drive was an uneventful one..Tucker had to have one ‘last romp in the snow?..he was going to have his own fun..staying at the very familar Uptown Dawg Daycare for a few days..his home away from home..


Allison Pass had a bit of snow on the sides of the highway..

allison pass summit

We stopped and had lunch with my parents, in Coquitlam  and by mid afternoon we were checked into our hotel..The Cascades Hotel and Casino, in downtown Langley..only a few blocks from Carlie and Adam..


a convenient location for our visit…and we had a nice room with a view of the parking lot..

cascade casino hotel

The two days went very quickly filled with visiting, dinners, wine, shopping and spending some quality time with our dear daughter and her boyfriend..

We also  stopped for a quick visit with Steve and Dianne..they are staying at Peace Arch RV park..only about 20 minutes from was nice to see the two of them again…hadn’t seen them since last September, but soon we will all be together again…

yes, we also made the trek to the Tswassen Mills mall again..we had lunch at Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl Restaurant..not a real big fan of the mall but lunch was good!!

uncle bucks

….it was nice to visit our ‘former’ home but even better to be back to the ‘small town’ life…that ‘traffic is pretty hard to take’..

So we are glad to be back home again…only a few more days and we will be rolling again…almost time to go to ‘work’…

Moving day again..April 15, 2017..

We were packed up, the boys were loaded and we were pulling out of our ‘home parking space’ just after 9:00 am..

april 15 1

The driveway is a bit ‘soft’ but Doug managed to get back onto the gravel with no trouble..

april 15 2

With big hugs and ‘see you in October’ we left the confines of Riverside Orchard..thanks for the hospitality, yet again, Ron and Karen….our first stop before we make the 220 km drive to the park is the Keremeos sani-dump..and we also made a final stop at Doug’s to get the pepperoni and bacon, one last time…the store won’t be open when we return this way in the fall..

Our drive was uneventful and not much traffic, just the way we like it..a quick pit stop at the crest of Hamilton Hill..

hamilton hill april 15

and one more quick stop for some gas just on the outskirts of Merritt…only 60 kms to go and we were pulling into the park…Hugh met us at the gate..he has been the ‘keeper of the keys’ for the last few days….

park arrival april 15

So as the 2017 camping season is upon us..we are looking forward to settling in and ‘getting to work’..but first we need to set up and get organized…

stay tuned for more from Tunkwa Provincial Park..

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Epic fail~ winter recap…



Here we are more than two and half months since my last post..I had such high expections to carry on with the ‘365’ photos for 2017..well as you can more than likely tell, that was what I ‘epic fail’..

january 23 16602855_10154953178882317_78019221784675522_n

Where have we been?..still parked at Nk’mip RV park..being a true Canadian, we always talk about the weather?


.It has been a cold winter…wind, snow and freezing temperatures have pretty much summed up the weather this year...from what the locals have told us it has been the coldest winter in 20 years..

I have spent a fair bit of time knitting..


and ‘colouring’ form of ‘winter therapy’ keeps me off the computer, at least..


and cooking, of course..

january 2216508045_10154156191420896_3240521382843525412_n


We did visit Nelson, BC in February, staying with our friends, Brenda and Ken for a few days..lots of food, wine and conversation..nothing like a visit with an old friend to make the winter woes disappear..

16939410_10154995931902317_3578750125239858803_n (1) 16806709_10155134759499225_8856593009464670801_n

and then there was a ‘snow storm’ the first week of March..


We have done some dog sitting..yes, Roxy is back!!


but now we are on the downhill side to this winter stay coming to an end…

Time to take the tent one minute and gone the next..

17155581_10154252095650896_5885753816383599187_n 17309090_10154252097000896_4248164502064751203_n

the skirting is off…feeling ‘the breeze’ off the lake..


and the final step was the  stairs going to the storage lot ..

..only a few more days and we will be rolling again…

january 21

..the hibernation is almost complete…

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

‘Weather’ you like it or not..

Is it time for some ‘brutal honesty’?  This ‘blogging’  has been going on for me since 2008…and my enthusiasm has really gone by the wayside and for the past few months I had honestly thought of ‘hanging it all up’..join the ranks of those that have left ‘blogville’…

Those bloggers who just ‘up and quit’ sign off send off..just it the writing just stopped or the travelling stopped or in some sad just stopped for them….could I? should I?

But my ‘chronological thinking’ got the best of me…I will finish out the year 2016..bound and determined not to quit mid year…

january 1

When I first started this ‘scrapbook’ on line I was enthusiastic..writing/ reading/ commenting on all the blogs I followed..but as the days turn into weeks and then into years..the ideas just don’t seem to   flow anymore..our day to day routine just doesn’t seem to be all that interesting, not to me anyway…

So now as a new year is upon I begin again or do I make that decision to ‘go dark’?..and then I got a ‘bright idea’..maybe this  will give me some incentive to continue on with blogging…get the creativity going again?


Now what ‘crazy notion’ would keep the creativity alive and well?..

#captureyour365..yes the ‘picture a day’ is has been 3 years since I last embarked on that ‘crazy journey’..

I am going ‘down that road’ again…trying to keep my blog ‘alive’..


as you can see from my ‘first 10 of January’ it has honestly been ‘all about the weather’..from sunny days to windy, cold snowy ones….the north wind has been relentless..and with that came some -double digit temperatures…our coldest being –16 celsius  and with the wind chill some days it was  a very balmy, -19

from a frozen water filter to a solid ‘dishwater-sicle’ in the sewer hose we are persevering with ‘old man winter’..’you won’t get the best of us’

Weather or not..we know that spring will be here soon..

Thank you for continuing to ‘ride along with us’..I aim to make it an interesting 2017…


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Four feet and eight paws…

November 7- December 25, 2016

Is there any point in writing about what we have been up to?


May as well just look forward, no sense in looking  back now..I have forgotten most of it by now anyway…


The snow has arrived along with the ‘dreaded north winds’…we had a week of ‘arctic wind’.. a balmy –19 celsius with the windchill..a frozen water filter and a ‘dishwasher-cicle’ for a sewer hose..


Tucker, of course is enjoying the ‘winter weather’..



..and we have learned to warm up with the ‘old stand by’ Disaronno..


Christmas is upon us…


We had a few gifts to open..chamapagne and orange juice and our Christmas tradition breakfast of Eggs Benedict..


We facetimed with Carlie and Adam this morning..and then skyped with Brenda in Nelson and then my parents who are in Coquitlam..modern technolgy is a wonderful thing..makes being just a ‘party of four’ a wee bit easier…


This afternoon we are heading to the park clubhouse for a Christmas Dinner with the other ‘snowbirds’ who are calling Nkimp home for the winter season…

We hope all our readers/family and friends have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year…may it be filled with love and new memories..

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all!!


..see you next year?

Making a ‘valiant effort’

April 3-April 15, 2017 After 151 days parked in one was our day ‘to get rolling’.. We were hitched up and ready to head out just...