Friday, August 8, 2008

Smoke Jumpers and Winthrop


We have been sitting having coffee every morning and watching planes land just over the edge of mountain.


We thought?..must be an airport up there somewhere..lets go and have a look. Much to our surprise we found the Smoke Jumpers Training Center.

We decided to take the free tour and learn all about Smoke jumpers.


The young man who gave us the tour was very informative and we left have much appreciation for these brave young men and women who risk their lives during the fire season. Jumping into a burning forest takes a special person..CRAZY!!


After our tour at the Smoke jumpers Center we went into the town of Winthrop.


Winthrop is an old western town complete with the boardwalk sidewalks and touristy shops.

We enjoyed our tourist day ..a nice sunny day in the town of Winthrop.

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