Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Vacation 2008


Summer 2008 we had the pleasure of sharing our love of the RV life with my Mom and Dad.

They have boated for over 30 years and are now the proud owners of a land yacht named "Oscar'.
They will be following us through the North Cascade Loop..via the Sumas border crossing, then to Burlington,Washington..on to Winthrop,Washington and then to Osoyoos,British Columbia,and finally to Keremeos,British Columbia and back again to Coquitlam,British Columbia..a grand total of about 900 kilometers will be travelled getting from campsite to campsite with them following close behind us.

Fullscreen capture 20-Oct-2011 192810
Our first stop is the Burlington KOA. We will be staying here until August 4th.


While we are here we went to Anacortes and to Deception Pass State Park.

Oh and of course, Camping World was a must..the RVer's DISNEYLAND!!!


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