Sunday, August 31, 2008

heading home…vacation is done..


Hope Princeton Highway..and 335 more kilometers to travel..

As I write this contemplating the North Cascade Holiday of 2008, we are very happy that we were able to share this time with Mom and Dad.


We have introduced them to the RV lifestyle and we hope that they enjoyed it as much as we have.

We will cherish this vacation and all the memories we have of the summer of 2008. We drove over 2200 kilometers this past month…




It was time well onto summer 2009!!!


we started this vacation stopping at a Tim Horton’s and we ended it the same way….large double double please!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

on the move again to Keremeos


heading up Richter Pass…



Our final stop on this month long journey..Eagle RV Park in Keremeos


..a nice quiet end to our vacation. We are here for three days and then it will be time to head home.

We went to Ron and Karen's for dinner and to show Mom and Dad their 10 acre "ranchard".

It use to be an orchard but they have pulled out many of the fruit trees and have put in barns and pastures and now they board horses.

They still have some fruit trees, just not as many as they use to have.

They moved to Keremeos in 1999 and we have spent many a weekend visiting here and just love the peace and tranquility of living in a windy, small town.

This was a great end to our vacation and we are glad we were able to share Keremeos with Mom and Dad.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last Day at N’kmip RV Park


As the sunset goes down on this leg of our vacation


..we are counting how many times we had to dismantle our campsite because of the wind..


oh and the flat tire we had the first week were here…


..there is no pictures of that lovely moment.
It has been a quiet two weeks..spent on the beach, floating in the water..just relaxing…

Our next stop is Eagle RV Park in Keremeos, B.C..the home of Doug's brother Ron and his wife Karen.
Richter Pass here we come...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Day trip to Kelowna..



We decided we would spend the day on our own.


We drove into Penticton and then on to Kelowna.

We had lunch at Burger Baron in Kelowna and then we went and looked at the Grand Junction Fifth Wheels.

Our original plan was to go to the Keg in Kelowna but we changed our minds and headed back towards Penticton.

We decided to go for dinner at the LOST MOOSE….


high on the hill above Penticton..we have been here a few times and have always enjoyed the view, the food and the ambiance.


The prime rib is delicious and this is a tried and true choice for our dinner.

Too bad our order seemed to get lost in the shuffle and we waited over two hours for our food.


We mentioned our plight to the owner and our dinners were complimentary!

After a beautiful sunset we left the LOST MOOSE and headed down the hill towards Penticton..spotting a few deer along the way.


We finally got back to our campsite in Osoyoos after dark...another year done!..:)

{just a little footnote..if this restaurant looks familiar to you?..I had a contest about a year ago..’where are we?’..Rick and Paulette were the lucky winners}

Monday, August 18, 2008

Carlie arrives…


Carlie has been working the whole time we have been on vacation and she decided she would come up for a visit.

2009201232230549It was sunny the day she arrived..


and by the next day we had wind,rain,thunder and lightning


...we told her she brought the wacky weather with her!!!
We spent some time touring the local wineries and we went into  the town of Okanagan Falls..


for ice cream at Tickleberrys!!

There was not much time for the beach when she was with us because of the lovely weather we were experiencing but the day she left the sun came out...poor her ..back to work and now its back to normal Osoyoos weather.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Mom and Dad arrive at Nkimp Rv Park


Our first full day at Nkimp RV Park..the sun is shining and the beach is calling our name. But first it was back to Tim Hortons for coffee and a grocery store run. This holidaying is hard work.

Mom and Dad arrive before lunchtime..very hot and sweaty and can't wait to turn on the air conditioner!!!..they love their site..not too crazy about their neighbours with the screaming children but at least they have power, water and sewer!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

heading back into B.C..Osoyoos here we come


Back to B.C. here we come..but first it is time for Loup Loup Pass


..they liked it so much they named it twice :)...the drive through the pass was uneventful…through the town of Omak (missing the big WALMART!!)
We headed through the border at Osoyoos ..we had to hand over all our produce?..who knew?..not us…


and Mom and Dad had to stay one night at Osoyoos Lake State Park..

2009200123901299 very hot hookups and a very hot day and night was their's for the taking..poor them.

We arrived at Nkimp Rv Park..


..a bit lighter but none the worse for wear..we just wanted to put the air conditioner on in the trailer. It was a very hot day in the desert!


We are in site number C-9 with a view of the lake...perfection in the making???


fourteen days without a Timmy’s coffee makes my husband ‘too weak’!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last full day at Riverbend..


Our time in Riverbend is winding down and we are all sad to be leaving this lovely RV Park…the men were busy cleaning windows and vehicles this morning…


We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay and know that we will be back at some point in our travels.

We met Jim and Jane Montgomery while we were here.


They have a motorhome named the "DOUGHBOY".

2009200122510492 They have just returned from a trip to Alaska and had many tales to tell.

They are our first full timers that we have met and we will follow their trip journal as they go down the highway of life.
As we say so long to River Bend we are heading back to the land of Tim Horton's coffee and no wine in the grocery story?????

Monday, August 11, 2008

Grand Coulee Dam and Steamboat Rock State Park


When we were planning this month long vacation and we knew we were going to the North Cascades..Grand Coulee Dam was one place that we wanted to make sure we visited.

I can remember Mom saying 'Why on earth would you want to go and see a dam??"..


Well, needless to say this day was a huge success. It was a picture taking frenzy of activity. Around every corner was another opportunity to take another picture.


After visiting Grand Coulee, we drove to Steamboat Rock State Park. A lovely State Park on the water, one I am sure we will visit again.Pictures17We had a great day visiting these two places and are not sorry that we drove the 200+ kilometers.

All in all a fantastic day, one will not soon forget!!!

Aww nuts…

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