Saturday, July 25, 2009

Burlington, Washington


Yet another travel day for "The Bigdawg and Freeway'...we left Paradise Point State Park at 8:00am.

We were very well organized and managed to be on time..the driver was very happy. We only have to drive 350 kilometers today!! (219 miles)


Our travel plan was for our first stop to be the Cabela's in Lacey, Washington. We managed to find the very store with our google map that we had prepared before we left Port Orford.


Tucker was going to wait in the trailer we popped out the slide a bit, gave him some water and turned on the fantastic fan ..but this was not before we had to clean up the three smashed corelle bowls that had fallen out of the cupboard, the cutlery drawer was emptied onto the floor, the oven items also on the floor and the fridge had opened..hitting the screen door and denting it, but not before depositing a few items on the floor and then it closed again.

Can you say DISASTER!!..and no, Doug was not driving like a maniac..the I-5 was full of construction and lots of bumps and grooved concrete so needless to say our little trailer bore the brunt of these bumps.

Cabela's is a hunting, fishing and camping store. The store is 185,000 square foot retail showroom featuring a decor of museum quality animal displays, huge aquariums and trophy animals inter-acting in realistic recreations of their natural habitats. Cabela's has high quality retail items and we managed to come out of the store with a bag of goodies.

Pictures62After Cabela's we headed north again on the I-5..Burlington, Washington here we come. Our favourite KOA is our home for tonight.


We managed to make it here unscathed and are now happily parked, the rain is coming down and there has been some thunder clouds. The awning is out for the first time since July wind here..just rain..something we have not seen since our drive south on Highway 101 two weeks ago.

Heading home tomorrow..Canada here we has been a while!!



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