Friday, July 17, 2009

Can you say housework and ..epiphany?


We have been so busy being tourists that our chores have kind of gone by the wayside, so today is the day….floors, laundry, windows, vacuuming where on our agenda for this morning.


Once all the housework was done it was time for a walk around the park.


Pictures40We stopped by Paul and Mary's new home on wheels and got the grand tour of their Winnebago. They seem to be adjusting to the relaxed RV lifestyle pretty least on the outside anyway.


Once our walkabout was over it was time to park it and pull out a book and bask in the sunshine, at least until happy hour was upon us and dinner.

After dinner we took Tucker down to the dog beach for a run in the sand, once he was nice and dirty we took a drive out to Paradise Point in the hopes of there being a sunset worthy of some photos.

It was here that we came to the realization that we need to KEEP OUR EYE ON THE PRIZE..

We only have 60 more months until retirement is upon us and we need to set our plan of fulltime rving into maybe a slow plan but we need to get it in motion!!..

This is our dream..and we will make it a as the sun sets and the waves are crashing onto the shore and another Oregon coast day is over we realize that our PRIZE is out there we just need to grab hold of it and don't let go.

Think positive..we will be one of those smiling faces on the highway of life one day in the near future.


We are thankful for our old friends and the new ones we have made and the ones that are in our future down the road...

WE WILL KEEP OUR EYE ON THE PRIZE..but for now we will be thankful for these lovely vacations that we can enjoy..


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