Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cape Blanco and Hughes House



Yet another windy,sunny day, we are starting to see a pattern in the weather.

Doug and Tucker went to Battle Rock Park for a run on the beach this morning.

Our plan for today is to go to Cape Blanco State Park to take a tour of the lighthouse.

We stopped along the way at Hughes House for a historical tour.


Once we got to the lighthouse it was very foggy and the wind was howling.


No tour today for us, we bought a magnet and a hat and got back into the truck where it was much warmer.

We drove through the Cape Blanco State Park and then after that we drove south down the 101 to Humbug Mountain State Park and also looked at the campsites there.

On the way back, we avoided the Crazy Norwegian and took Tucker to the doggy beach.


I know we will be going back there again before we leave Port Orford but we need to be strong not WEAK!!


After our little drive it was back to the trailer for us and our usual afternoon activities: lunch, read, computer, nap, dinner and a walkabout..


That was until someone mentioned that there was whales down by the dock???..of course we went down to see if we could see any..NOPE IT WAS BUST!!..


the sunset was a no-go also..but we managed to take even more pictures anyway


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