Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The curse of the wiseman is over...third time lucky!!


Port was perfection at it's was a day of sun,sand wind, fog,friends, food, wine and lots of great memories that we will take with us when we head on down the road towards home.


We spent the morning walking on the beach at Paradise Point..


From the beach we could see Cape Blanco not enveloped in fog..the "wiseman" curse has been lifted.


Finally after being in Port Orford for almost two weeks, we were going to get some photos of the lighthouse not blanketed in fog.

When we had arrived twelve days ago, Gordon said he was waiting for a foggy misty day to take some some pictures of the lighthouse, well he got his wish..fog constantly. We visited the Cape Blanco twice and had no luck with the photos I wanted..FOG FREE..until today!!!


After Cape Blanco we went to take our final pictures at Battle Rock Park..a very windy day today..lots of surf hitting the beach.


This evening Juanita had organized a pot luck dinner in the social room for the "PEEPS AND THE GODFADDA{AKA..THE WISEMAN}.


Our menu consisted of blue chouters, brushetta with goat cheese, rotini and chirzo sausage, ceasar salad, garlic bread and lots of wine to go around the table a few times. Dessert was a homemade pie made by Juanita with huckleberries that had travelled all the way from the Cassiar Highway to Texas, Idaho and then back to Port Orford.

Pictures59 Our little pot luck party ended with Gordon and Juanita giving all of us two packages of Alaskan fish..we can't wait to taste it..we will think of these fine friends as we savour the fish when we are in Osoyoos, B.C. in August.

Today was a great day filled with many memories that will be  permanently in our hearts.

p.s. We wish safe travels to my parent as they embark on their vacation.we hope "OSCAR AND CHARLIE" get along...see you in August!!

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