Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fog, Bandon, Jam and Fulltimers..


Another sunny day is ours today!!! We went to our usual beach this morning..the fog had rolled in and gave the coast a whole different look.


Today was tourist day..we were off to the town of Bandon,about 30 miles north up the 101.


Bandon is a sleepy little fishing town with lots of little tourist shops..or acceleration points as Gordon likes to call them.

We spent some time wandering in and out of the stores..bought a few souvenirs, walked along the wharf..

then we went to 2 Loon Cafe to purchase our pulled pork sandwiches as per the recommendation of Gordon.


They were by no means a disappointment..DELICIOUS!!..we drove to the Coquille Jetty and ate our sandwiches,trying really hard not to SLOP the sauce down our fronts..Doug was the lucky so lucky..geez why do i insist on wearing white!!!

After lunch we drove through the residential area in search of a good vantage point to take even more coastal shots..


we had some great luck, walked on the beach, saw some seals sunning themselves on the rocks..what a great day!!! Once again we cannot believe how fortunate we are??!!!

On our way back to POV, we stopped to take a picture of the biggest USA flag we have ever seen..they grow them big in America!!!..


and then we stopped at Misty Meadows to make a marion berry jam purchase and saltwater taffy.


Once we arrived back at POV, Gordon and Juanita's newest Rv friends had finally rolled in... Paul and Mary{aka Boris and Natasha}. They drive a class A bus called "Bullwinkle" and they tow a jeep called "Rocky"

They are brand new to fulltime rving..lucky them ..fresh from the rat race of its freedom on the road for them too..geez I hate them already..just kidding!!!

We spent some time asking a zillion questions and they were a wealth of knowledge and information just like our own "wise man", Gordon.

Yet another great day on the Oregon Coast..tomorrow I think we better get our chores done..that's enough ‘lollygagging’ around pretending to be tourists!!

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