Sunday, July 19, 2009

Geocaching and tequila?


Once again a sunny morning..the pattern seems to continue. Tucker was kind to us this morning and let us sleep in till 9:00 am..what a luxury that is.

After having our coffee outside basking in the sunshine we had made plans to go to Cape Blanco today but our plans changed..

we are always up for something was going to be our first geocaching experience.

It was a late afternoon start..we waited for "Bullwinkle" to finish his bath and then we could be on our way.


Paul and Mary with us in our truck and Gordon and Juanita close behind with the BO-DIE..

GPS in the hands of the experts we were on our way to our first geocache..

The Port Orford Cemetery. We found our first one without too much trouble and couldn't wait to go onto the next one.


Our next stop was Battle Rock Park. Doug and Paul were the brave souls who climbed to top of Battle Rock in the hopes of finding the next cache.


They had the clue and off they went in hopes of not getting blown off the rock. Once again we had success and they came down unscathed.

Cache number three was a short distance from Battle Rock..up a side street on top of the hill..great view and more success..this one was filled with scrapbooking supplies..a person after my own heart.


We were on a roll..onto cache number four..down a nature trail..bush-wacking for a few feet and there it was under a fallen log. Four for four..beginner's luck!

Everyone was up for just one more..cache number 5..down by the ocean ..a peanut butter jar..??..with a GPS label made to look like a jiff jar. Some people are so creative.


Our first day of Geocaching is now done....our finds are logged on the Geocache website..Bigdawg and Mumzilla are hooked on geocaching!!

After our adventures ..dinner was at the Crazy Norwegian for a great dinner..geocaching makes you hungry!!


Our day ended with Tequila sampling with the "wiseman" and Juanita...lick..shoot and suck on the lime..


As the sun sets on another day at POV..what a great vacation we are having so far..maybe tomorrow we will get to Cape Blanco as long as the fog co-operates. title was going to be "geocaching newbies" but the ‘wiseman’ was quicker with the keyboard than me?

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