Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The "wiseman"..tour guide EXTRAORDINAIRE!!


We got us a convoy..well a convoy of two!!


We left POV at 9:30am with our tour guide leading the way north on Highway 101. It was a foggy morning in Port Orford but by the time we left the sun was beginning to shine..another great day was on the way.

Our first stop on our road trip was Misty Meadows for some more of their delicious marion berry jam and there was even time for a geocache hunt..GOT JAM..Gordon was the lucky one to make the discovery this time.


We headed back out onto the highway..fog or was it cloud was rolling in..and there was even a couple of raindrops on the windshield..were we seeing things.??..have not seen that in a while.


Our next stop was the town of Charleston and yet another geocache..this is a multitasking tour..Anchors Away and Doug was the finder this time around.

After the geocache success we proceeded to Shore Acres Botanical Garden..the dogs had to stay in the vehicles while we all strolled through the lovely gardens..


and admired the view from the lookout point. It was foggy but we could only imagine how beautiful it would have been if the sun was shining.

After Juanita made her purchase of a lovely pair of dragonfly earrings we made our way to Simpson Reef...for all you wrestling fans out there..


"CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING?..try about 1500 seals making a heck of a lot of noise out on the reef.


The fog was very thick so the view was not too clear but took a few foggy photos anyway.


Our last tour stop on this journey today was Cape Arago..another foggy stop but the view was spectacular.


Our tour guide did not disappoint..next stop is "LUNNER"..lunch and dinner combined..kind of like brunch.

After going around the block a few times we finally arrived at our restaurant choice for our meal..


great burgers and malts..good old fashioned cooking ..gotta love that!!!


Heading back to Port Orford we decided that Gordon Pierce..our WISEMAN..is the tour guide EXTRAORDINAIRE..

Everywhere he has recommended has not been a disappointment and today was no exception.

2009202224534077As the day comes to a close ..it must be time for some Disaronna..a perfect end to a perfect day....

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