Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heading south on the 101


Another sunny, windy day..today we are off on a day trip following Gordon and Juanita down highway 101 towards Gold Beach..30 miles from the California border.

2009199135148234200919914171224220091991417163782009199141720874We took lots of pictures, pulling into all the view points and soaking in the views.


What a beautiful part of the country this is and what a privilege to be able to see it.

We drove as far as Gold Beach


and then Gordon mentioned the word "LUNCH" and the Crazy Norwegian in the same sentence..


We drove as fast as the trucks could go..time for crab melts and fish and chips..oh and don't forget the coconut cream pie and the marion berry pie.

It was still windy when we got back to the trailer so we had a nice quiet afternoon and evening with the computer, TV and reading occupying our time.

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