Sunday, July 26, 2009

home we go..


We had a quiet night at Burlington KOA..we even blew the dust of the propane fireplace and had a little campfire once the thunder and rain stopped. A couple shots of sambuca and we were done for the evening.

Our intention was to be up early this morning and get the trailer organized for our next that of course, included doing laundry among other things.

We managed to be on our way at 11:30 am..leaving our neighbours, Andrea and Cornell Schmidt behind to enjoy the beautiful sunny day..we met these fine people two years ago at the Burlington imagine our surprise when we pulled in yesterday and they were parked right beside us..what a small world!!


Today is the last leg of this lovely holiday..we headed north on the I-5 and then took exit #255, Sunset Square, and headed east on W-542, through Whatcom County.

20092071604382032009207160442060 This is a lovely 2 lane country highway, going through lots of farmlands and rolling hills. We then headed north on W-9 towards Nooksack and the Sumas border crossing.

2009207160447112We arrived at the border crossing at 12:40 pm and managed to be through at 12:56 pm..I guess the border guard like all our answers to his 20 questions.



We then travelled west on Highway 1 towards Langley and the new Golden Ears Bridge..when we left home 16 days ago the toll was free..not so today..oh well it saves a lot of time!!


We managed to get "Freeway" parked at the storage lot in Pitt usual there is an issue to try and get down the driveway…welcome home…??



and we were home, in Coquitlam at 2:15 pm.

Home again...Doug is snoozing on the couch, Tucker is asleep, the fans are blowing all the hot air around..I miss the ocean breeze!!..Oliver, the kitty, is very happy that we are all home again..


little does he know that we are leaving again on August 1st for Osoyoos, B.C. for a month!

As this two week vacation comes to and end..we will cherish all the memories we have of the beautiful Oregon Coast and the new friends we made, may your travels be aplenty..until we meet again!!!

We travelled 2664 kilometers (1665 miles)..yes, Doug did all the driving....and we took over 400 pictures..thank goodness for digital cameras!!

Stay tuned for more adventures from "Bigdawg and Freeway".....more to come....

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