Saturday, July 18, 2009

journal entries and Bo-die sitting..


Another sunny, windy day at was my first lesson from the "wiseman" on trip journal entries.


I then spent the afternoon getting all entries done from when we left home on July 10. Now it is all caught up and should be easy from here on out...


Gordon,Juanita and what seems like the rest of the residents of the park went into the town of Coquille to go to a vaudeville show and out to dinner..


so that left Bodie to his own devices in the fancy house on wheels. We gladly volunteered to poochie sit so they could go and enjoy themselves without worrying about Bodie..


and of course Doug does not mind at all sitting in the nice leather recliner watching the big TV and keeping Bodie company..lucky least he is not by himself..

The wind is blowing like crazy and everything is flapping in the breeze..geez good thing the awning is not out!!

We have had a very quiet day except for the wind blowing...the truck is washed the journal entries are all done..I can only hope that my teacher will like them..once he returns from his gallivanting!!

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