Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Over the last couple of weeks, we have had an epiphany...fulltiming or heading in that direction needs to be our focus.

We have gotten lots of advice from other new fulltimers..just fresh on the road, as to their journey to get the wheels on the bus(or trailer in our case) moving in the direction that you want to go...the one thing they said was to purge and purge again!!..and then purge somemore!!!..look out value village..some stuff will be coming your way!!!

Well, I have decided that the start of this purging will begin with me...I am a scrapbooker..i have about 12 albums already done..this will be a hobby that i will not do as much of now...the books are too darn heavy to carry on the road with us.. I will complete the ones I have started already but as July 10th 2009..there will be no more...so I will be using the computer technology of our trip journal.."keep and eye on the prize 2014" to store our memories. It is not that I dont like scrapbooking but it is not a realistic hobby to be doing when you are living in a trailer...

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