Thursday, July 23, 2009

See you down the road…


This was our last full day at POV. Twelve days of perfection..sun, sand surf, wind and great friends and good times.

Today we said "see you down the road" to our newest Rv friends, Paul and Mary(aka Boris and Natasha).

2009204123141642 Brand new full timers heading out onto the road for a life filled with new adventures..a new view out their windshield every day..


how we envy them..home for them will be where the "jacks go down and the slides come out".


We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and we know that we will see each other again. Drive safe and keep in touch!..we will miss your smiling faces, but we will be faithful readers of your keep on writing so we can live vicariously through the two of you!!

2009204123157031After the departure, it was a quiet day at POV..Doug washed the trailer and the truck, and we gave Tucker a bath. We tried to get organized for our travels tomorrow to Paradise State Park in Washington but we are both in a sad state of denial.

We had a pleasant end to our day..dinner with "the wiseman and Juanita". The impromptu dinner consisted of Doug's famous nachos, and home made brownies and Umpqua ice cream supplied by the lady of the Carri-lite.

We are going to miss these fine people will be hard to leave Port Orford tomorrow morning but we will meet our "wiseman" and Juanita again.

Our next stop is Paradise State Park..479 kilometers from Port Orford. We feel that we have done Port Orford justice and taken over 350 pictures in our time here. We have enjoyed this vacation but it is time to head towards home because someone has to go back to W#@K.

As we say so long to Port Orford, we will cherish our memories here and the new friends that we have made. We will return one day to visit this beautiful area two days are the same on the Oregon Coast!!

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