Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the simple life...please!!!

I just got an email from my parents..they have a Winnebago Vectra and their "toad" is a Honda civic.."OSCAR AND CHARLIE!" They are retired and this is their second year enjoying the rv lifestyle. At the moment they are in Keremeos, B.C. and then they are heading to Twisp, Washington and then back to B.C. and meeting us in Osoyoos, the last two weeks of August.
I wish them safe travels and not too many bumps in the road!!!

They are on vacation for six weeks..doing five stops in six weeks..staying in one place for 6 nights and then moving on to the next stop. Full timing for them is not in the Mom likes all her stuff and needs Dad??..I think he would if Mom wanted too..but you need both people to want the same thing, otherwise it just won't work! What they are doing is working "if it ain't broke don't fix it"..they enjoy the time away in "Oscar" and are quite happy to come back to their home.

Me?..I don't understand that kind of thinking. In the whole grand scheme of things its only stuff..if there was a fire tommorrow..what would be important??..just a few things..and the rest?? just doesn't matter!!!

We would give pretty much anything to have the fulltime life now..but we need to get our things together so when the time is right we will be ready!!

"HOME IS WHERE THE JACKS GO DOWN!"..the view out the windows may change but it is still home!!!

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