Friday, August 7, 2009

the Bigdawg has returned..


We have been married almost 28 years and have rarely been apart..even though it was only four days this week that Doug went home to Coquitlam, and I stayed at Nk'mip.

The original plan was for him to stay home this weekend and come up on August 14th and stay for two weeks.

Well plans are made to be broken, he drove the four and half hours and arrived at 6:40 pm, just in time for dinner and the sunset.


We took Tucker down to the lake for a swim and came back and had a campfire and some Disaronno...those who know us..know this is our favourite indulgence.

The sun has long since gone down and we are inside watching TV..planning our adventures for tomorrow...maybe it will time for Tickleberry's in Okanagan Falls..stay tuned...

a little footnote..I want to wish my favourite sister-in-law, Karen Bidniak, a very Happy 55th Birthday..Hope you had a great day!!

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