Monday, August 17, 2009

‘Charlie’..accelerated twice past Tickleberry’s??


Today was a shopping day and not a picture taking day? I know that is hard to believe for me but all I have is two photos.
  Mom, Dad and Doug and I  went into the town of Penticton this morning to do some shopping. Penticton is about 61 kilometers from Osoyoos.

It is a larger city filled with the normal big box stores; Canadian Tire, Walmart, The Bay and London Drugs.

The prices are less than Osoyoos so shopping was in our sights of things to do.

We all had our lists prepared and off we went heading north once again on Highway 97, with Dad at the wheel of "CHARLIE".

The city of Penticton is a four season destination for vacationers and business travellers alike.

Penticton is cradled within tree trimmed mountain slopes, dramatic cliffs, and bordered by two pristine lakes.

This lovely city  offers  natural beauty all year round. The semi arid desert climate provides more than 2000 hours of sunshine each year to complement the myriad of cultural activities, international events, regional festivals, business conventions and good old fashioned relaxation.

We spent a few hours getting our lists completed and by 2:30 we were back at Nk'mip, with no Tickleberry's??..

"CHARLIE" drove right past not once but twice!!..I guess he did not read the entry that stated that this was a deceleration point and a MUST STOP!!

Our evening ended in the usual fashion...a few mosquito bites and back inside we go..darn bugs..we need a BUG ZAPPER!!!


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