Sunday, August 23, 2009

Company’s coming for dinner!!!


A quiet Sunday around our campsite except for the wind blowing..but we are getting use to the breeze!!.


our ‘bee-o-minium’ keeps us entertained…

The temperature today was about 26 degrees and with the wind it was a bit chilly by the water.

Our neighbour, shy for the camera but he let us take a couple of pictures of his handiwork..

20092361144343442009236114441133Our usual chores were done in the morning..groceries, vacuuming and cleaning and then it was off to our favourite dog beach for the Tuckmiester.

He had a great time running up and down the beach, chasing his buoy and playing "keep away' with his new dog friends.

Ron and Karen {Doug's brother and his wife} from Keremeos, B.C. came for dinner and a visit. They brought a lovely anniversary card and three bottles of wine!


We had barbecued hamburgers, corn on the cob and Caesar salad for dinner. Dessert was brownies and vanilla ice cream {thanks Juanita for the idea} topped with raspberries.

Mom and Dad joined in on the festivities and fun was had by all.


Tomorrow will be another quiet day at camp.... :)  Things are winding down…

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