Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well, I have been in Osoyoos for over a week now and have had lots of time to contemplate life. I have been following my RV friends as they are on their own journeys. I try to absorb as much information as I can from them, living vicariously through their journals. I am very envious that they are already on the road and can hardly wait until it is our turn. We will have lots of catching up to do!!!

We still have a long road ahead before it will be our turn and when it is there will be someone just like me wondering if they will ever have the opportunity to be a full-timer.

We have decided that once our trailer is put away for the winter, our purging process is going to for now I will enjoy this time I have "living" in our little trailer "Freeway".. I honestly do have everything I need..just in a smaller if only BigDawg were here also...instead of having to be at work!

One thing about staying in an RV park is the annoying neighbours that you sometimes get stuck with..they won't be here for least I hope not...loud music, marijuana smoking, barking dogs..need I say more???..don't these people have jobs???..get back to work!!!

But you know..then again if you don't like the neighbours..wind the jacks up, hook up the trailer and move on down the road..the next place may have great neighbours and new friends!!!

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