Thursday, August 13, 2009

The full meal deal in the weather department..


This was the "full meal deal" with the weather today!! We had sun, clouds, wind, showers and a downpour all in the span of twelve hours.

The temperature today was 25 degrees and this evening it is 15 degrees with the wind blowing in from the north.


Today we drove to Haynes Point Provincial Park, about 5 kilometers from Nk'mip. Haynes Point is surrounded by warm water and sandy beaches. It sits on a pencil of land jutting into Osoyoos Lake.

Situated in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains to the west and protected from the worst of winter storms by the Columbia Mountains to the east, this is Canada's only true desert area.

The water is reported to be the warmest in Canada making it excellent for swimming, boating and fishing.

Lakeside campsites and privacy make this a popular camping area and reservations are necessary during the summer months.

Pictures75Special features: Wetlands are rapidly disappearing in the Okanagan Valley. The marsh area and self-guided interpretive trail are important features of the park.

We drove around the campground and then took Tucker for a swim at the Dog Beach..he had a great time..he would swim forever if we let him.

Pictures76After lunch we went to Nk'mip Cellars Winery just up the road from the RV park.

The winery site is one of the most attractive in the South Okanagan with outstanding views in a setting of natural beauty. It is situated on a bench overlooking the shores of Osoyoos Lake, the site is adjacent to a tract of natural desert land while the newly planted vineyards and orchards provide a stunning contrast.

The Band shares its history and traditions with those who visit the winery. Tour experiences at the winery are enhanced through the architecture, designed and constructed to display native art and artifacts, and enhance the beauty and unique nature of the wild sage desert surroundings.

From the early years of ranching, trading and small farms, the people of the Osoyoos Indian Band have continued to change with the times.

The Band has a long history of growing grapes and owns 230 acres at the Inkameep Vineyard that were first planted in 1968. Under the expertise of trained viticulturalist Sam Baptise, new varieties are being planted each year to meet current market demands.

Currently, Inkameep Vineyard is micro-managing 40 acres of this vineyard for Nk'Mip Cellars' wine production. Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Franc are all sourced from Inkameep Vineyard. In addition to the original site, huge vineyards have since been planted and now sprawl across the Band's 32,000 acres.

These are operated under long-term leases with several wineries. In total 1,155 acres of vines are planted on the Band's land, with plans for an additional 100 to 200 acres within the next year. 25 percent of the total acreage planted in the Okanagan Valley is on the Band's land.

I, of course couldn't resist purchasing one more bottle of Chardonnay to add to my collection..this makes six bottles now, more to share ???

Our afternoon was quiet, filled with reading, scrabble and laundry duties. All was quiet with our noisy neighbours, "Ward and June Cleaver and the BEAVER..they went out for dinner..leaving their chairs and other items outside and then the rains came...

I could have been nice and put the items under the awning but they also have an automatic awning and it rolled up on its own when the winds came up...everything was very damp when they returned..but you know when you can afford a Beaver Coach and things get can just throw them away and buy new items.

This is Carlie's last night here with me, she is heading back home tomorrow afternoon and as predicted the weather will be improving once she has vacated Osoyoos again.

Doug is arriving tomorrow evening, along with my parents.. we will all be together once again..two more weeks here we come!!!

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