Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glam-pers..that’s us..


We are now on the downhill side to the end of our 2009 vacation. The last two days have been sunny and warm. Lows of 12-15 and highs of about 35. We have spent the days around the campsite and at the beach.

In the town of Osoyoos, there is a Home Hardware Store that seems to do a booming business. They sell everything from nuts and bolts, pots and pans, gardening items, and beach items. We always make a few trips to this Home Hardware when we are in Osoyoos. It is fun just to wander around the store and see what is on the shelves.

Yesterday, while we were at the dog beach, a gentleman arrived with his golden retriever, Katie. A nice quiet girl, unlike our rambunctious boy!

Anyway, as it turns out this gentleman is the owner of our favourite hardware store. What are the chances??
I wish we would have asked him his name but we didn't..??

He told us that the population of Osoyoos is about 4800 people with only 300 children, and then in the winter some go south to Arizona!! He did ask us if we had ever camped at Haynes Point Provincial Park. We said no, we like our power,water, cable and sewer sites!!...He said we were GLAMPERS..GLAMOROUS CAMPERS!!..all the people staying at the provincial park in their tents..those are CAMPERS!!!

He also said that the busiest time in Osoyoos is the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks in August. That may explain why Nk'mip RV Resort is proverbial ghost town this week. Not that we are complaining!

It is nice and quiet and it's great to watch all the RV's pull out from our vantage point and know that it is not our turn YET!!!

This morning it is raining..if you can call this rain??..the awning is wet, as is the least it is not a downpour like we had two weeks ago!!

Our plan today is to tidy up, pack up all the unnecessary items and get organized for travel day tomorrow.

The cleaning and purging is all done..after almost eight hours of hard work we are all packed -the wine is securely packed…


and we ready to head out on the road tomorrow morning..

We are sad as our 2009 vacation is coming to an end but we have to be thankful for all the sights we have seen and are looking ahead to 2010..

Not too worry though..we are not quite done with BIGDAWG AND FREEWAY as yet..there is still a few more weekend trips in the works!!! stay tuned..

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