Friday, August 14, 2009

goodbye’s and hello’s


It rained through the night and we woke to more rain and a temperature of 11 degrees.


Needless to say the furnace came on in the trailer, FREEWAY was a bit chilly this morning and we needed to take the edge off….


Who would have thought that August in Osoyoos and it would be necessary for a furnace. We just have to be thankful that we are not in a tent, like some of our neighbours!!


Today is a day of goodbye’s and hello’s..Carlie drove off into the rain this morning..


after my parents and their rig.. OSCAR AND CHARLIE arrived at Nk'mip.


They are in site C-67, same one as last year, too bad they have to set up in the rain.


Doug will be arriving later on this evening after work and we will all be together again, just like last summer!!


Mom and Dad gave us a lovely dream catcher, it has found a place in the window in the trailer.

2009226205305186Carlie is now home safe and sound and Doug has arrived for his two weeks of vacation.


The rain is still falling and everything is just a mass of puddles. Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine.

The temperature high today was 14 degrees, a real scorcher!!

2009226205130165Everyone is tucked away in their respective RV's relaxing..too wet to go outside, except for when Tucker needs to go out.


We are watching mindless Friday night TV, and we will be falling asleep listening to the rain hitting the roof of the trailer.

orrow the sun is suppose to shine..have to wait and see what Mother Nature has in store for us...stay tuned :)

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