Saturday, August 15, 2009

Midnight move in the middle of the afternoon..


We have been at Nk'mip since August 1st in a great site with a lovely view of the lake..its too bad that we have nothing but issues with the neighbours, the wind and the blowing sand.

This morning the temperature was a mere 12 degrees, we had our coffee outside, then breakfast and dog walking..after getting cleaned up we made a trek up the hill to mom and dad's site..peace and quiet and not much of a breeze..perfection in the making!!

There were two sites across from them that we noticed were vacant..Mom mentioned in passing that we should go to the office and see if we can move for the balance of the month.!!


Can you say "midnight move in the middle of the afternoon??" We raced back to our old site and hooked up the trailer and the MOVE WAS ON!!..We were all set up in our new home in two lunch!!..but we were happy to be away from the situation down by the water!!


We are now in a lovely site..overlooking the mountains and the Spirit Ridge Resort and Nk'mip noisy neighbours, or wind or sand blowing!!..


OSCAR AND CHARLIE and BIGDAWG AND FREEWAY are together again and all is right with the world.


We also now have a dog who "loves the smell of diesel in the afternoon"..while we were setting up Tucker decided to stick his nose in the exhaust pipe of our neighbour's diesel black eyed dog is now ours!!..his new nickname is now DIESEL!!


We had a nice evening..barbecued chicken for dinner, campfire and Disaronna rounded out this busy day...

the sun has set and the only sound we hear are the crickets..PEACE AND QUIET!!


Tomorrow?..we have no plans as yet..but I am sure that it will involve fun in the Okanagan sunshine..


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