Saturday, August 1, 2009

The next leg of our trip..


We left Wild Rose Campground at 6:30 am..right on schedule, stopped at the McDonald's for a quick breakfast and then it was onwards and upwards to the Hope-Princeton Highway.


As we climb Highway passes the Hope Slide. On January 9, 1965 there was a landslide on the top of Johnson Peak.

At first it was thought to be just a landslide and then there were some scientific investigations and it was thought maybe it was two small earthquakes..the end result is this view point on the way through to Princeton.


Highway 3 climbs through the mountains to the Allison Pass Summit, the highest point on this route, 4403 feet.

Just past the summit is the Manning Park Resort and Lodge, popular in the summer with camping,fishing and hiking. In the winter months it is busy with skiers,snowboarders,tobogganing..all the fun winter activities.


After climbing Allison Pass, the road heads down into the valley and then back up again to Sunday Summit, 4213 feet. At the end of this up and down driving experience, is the town of Princeton, in the Okanagan-Simillkameen Valley.

Our next stop today is the town of Keremeos, the fruit stand capital of Canada.

The name Keremeos is derived from the Indian word "keremyeus" meaning creek which cuts it's way the flats.. (the meeting of the winds).

If you have ever been to this lovely little town you will always remember that the wind blows almost constantly.

This is our favourite small town, home of Doug's brother and his wife. They have a 10 acre piece of property with fruit trees and horses.

A little bit of heaven in this busy world we live in. One day we hope to call this town home, at least for part of the time.

The purpose of our stop today was to visit my parents. They are staying at Eagle RV Park in Keremeos.

This small park is just off the highway before heading into Keremeos. Its a great place to put the "jacks down for a while", and bask in the sunshine.

We had a good visit with my Mom and Dad. We got caught up on all their adventures since they left home on July 22nd..they will be meeting us in Osoyoos in the middle of August.

Onwards to our next stop...200 kms done this morning..only another 47 kms and we will have arrived at Nk'mip RV Park...stay tuned..more to follow...

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