Friday, August 21, 2009

Oscar is on the mend


The last couple of days have been pretty quiet and we have been relaxing and enjoying our vacation time. Afternoons were spent at Haynes Point Provincial Park.

The temperature has been between 34-39 degrees. Today was very windy 23 kilometers an hour with gusts of 40 coming from the north. The awning is now put away and the cover is off the canopy. At least we will have a restful night not worrying if things are going to blow away.

In my last entry I had mentioned that my parents were having RV repair issues. The problem is now on the was a power surge that fried the wires in the invertor.
So they had no electricity  for two days!! Dry camping was not what they wanted to do!!

My Dad had gone down to the RV repair shop that is a few blocks from here in the hopes of getting a mobile repairman to come to the campsite. They promised to come today at 10:00 1:00 pm they were still waiting...being none too pleased they went down to OK RV and inquired about the mobile repairman??..

They were then told that they were too busy and had no intention of coming to the campground to have a look, and more than likely would maybe be there on Monday..but there was no guarantee even then.

This is the only RV repair center in Osoyoos, so needless to say my parents were not happy with the service that they were getting. After some words were exchanged the lady behind the counter found another mobile repairman for him from a different company.

It seemed that they were not willing to share the work even if it meant someone was stuck in an RV with no air-conditioning in the Osoyoos heat for two days. To me, this does not seem to be the smart way to run a business in a tourist town full of RV'ers.

Below is the link to this business..not one that we would recommend and will most certainly not be frequenting again.

OSCAR is now on the mend..thanks to DESERT R.V. RV-REPAIRS, PARTS AND SERVICE. A repairman named Bob Blom arrived at the campsite within 40 minutes from the phone call and he managed to repair the problem in less than an hour.

They still need a new part but that will be here on Wednesday..needless to say they are very pleased with Bob Blom and very thankful that their vacation has been put back on the right track.

The wind is still blowing, but we now have our fan back from Mom and Dad..and a good night's sleep is our plan for tonight!!

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