Saturday, August 1, 2009

Osoyoos, British Columbia


After we left Keremeos, we stopped at Harkers Organic Fruit Ranch, in Cawston and we purchased some cherries and apricots..oh and a bottle of wine..yes they sell could I resist!!


Back out on the highway once would only be 47 kms and we would be in Osoyoos..


just a short trip through some great looking vineyards, and then onto the land of sagebrush and Klikuk, the Spotted Lake.


This lake contains the highest concentration of minerals, including epsom salts, calcium, magnesium and many other trace minerals.

The healing mud and water were used to help with aches and pains. In the summer months, the water evaporates and crystallizes, which make the white ring spots visible.

The lake is on private land so there is no public access,but you can get a good view from the highway, that is if your driver slows down long enough for you to get a picture..yet another acceleration point!

We arrived in Osoyoos at 12:45..sunny and hot, but a dry heat, much better than at home..


We are in site C-10...backed the trailer in and set up everything and then off to the lake for a dip......there is no beach to put a chair on this year. The lake is very we just put the chairs in the water and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

2009213235314458The temperature today was 39 degrees..thank goodness for air conditioning!! is now 11:45pm and outside temperature is still 29.6 degrees.

ps..we are bad parents..did not call home when we got here..our daughter is not too pleased with us at the moment..sorry Carlie..we love you xoxooxo


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