Monday, August 3, 2009

RV’ing widow?


Bigdawg has gone from Nk'mip..back to the land of the working people for a couple of weeks..he will return on August 14th for two weeks..!!


Today was a quiet day for me and the Tuckmeister. It did not involve too much activity..sweeping, dishes, reading, sitting, swimming, and floating pretty much summed up our day.

All in all a good day..the weather was warm and sunny once again..temperature was 37 degrees..can't ask for better than that.


Tomorrow..pretty much the same thing as long as the weather co-operates, although I may throw some laundry into the mix!!


As the time is marching on..I am off to the beach again.rain is in the forecast on Wednesday so I better get as much beach time in as I can...

The dog is sleeping and the air conditioner is humming..and the wifi is actually useable at the moment!!..will wonders never cease!!


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