Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Swimmingly Good least till the power went out


Today was beautiful sunny day with a high temperature of 35 degrees. The sky was blue and not a cloud to be seen. We decided it would be a perfect beach day!!

We all went to Haynes Point Provincial Park for an afternoon of swimming, floating and relaxing..a great way to spend some well deserved vacation time.

Tucker had a great time swimming in the lake and retrieving his orange buoy, that was until he vomited twice..poor boy took on too much water!!..doesn't know when to quit!!

We were at the beach for four hours and returned back at Nk'mip in time for afternoon naps and happy hour. It was during happy hour that our perfect day turned to the dark side..power outage..which meant no air conditioner and no water.

The outage lasted for about an hour but once the power came on Mom and Dad discovered some electrical issues with OSCAR..they had battery and generator power but not electricity!!

In the midst of the fiasco, we had Alaskan Salmon (thanks Gord and Juanita), fried potatoes and Cesar salad.. a delicious dinner thanks to our well travelled fish!!


There was no dinner over at C-67..just lots of fuse testing and problem solving with no luck..

2009231212905234As I am writing this sitting in an air conditioned trailer, Mom and Dad are in OSCAR, with a borrowed fan in the hopes of getting some sleep without air conditioning.

We can only hope that OSCAR will get fixed tomorrow and all will be right with the world once again!!!

2009231212852273Stay tuned from Nk'mip ...tomorrow has to be a better day??!!!

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