Thursday, August 6, 2009

Will someone please turn off the wind machine?


Today I finally got to escape the windy prison that I have found myself in, it was only to the grocery store, but it was still an escape.

The wind blew all day, with gusts of about 30 kilometers per address necessary on the awning..all is secure at Camp Freeway...thanks to the 6 flappers and the awning tie downs.


As the sun sets on another windy, gusty day I find myself pondering the fact that we are all watching the same sun go down. Be it, my beloved husband in Coquitlam, my parents in Twisp, Washington, our RVing friends in Port Orford, Washington and Couer d'Alene, Idaho, we are all watching the same sunset.


The world may be a large place filled with family and friends who are all in different places but we all can experience the same sunset.

Safe travels to all of you..where ever your "jacks" go down may there be a beautiful sunset to ponder over.

Keep writing your journals so we can live vicariously through your adventures.

ps: BO-DIE.. you look cute in your blue quit scratchin!!!

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