Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Winding down…


I just finished reading our friends journal entry today and Mary had two pictures of sayings that deserved to be shared.

These new friends are in Cheyenne, Wyoming, on their way slowly to the state of Kansas. These two plaques are located in Lions Park. Their journal address is If you get a chance go along for their ride.

Cheyenne 10

Cheyenne 11
Today was yet another sunny day here in the warm Okanagan. The temperature was 32 degrees with some high cloud. We had no real plans today but we managed to get out and take a few pictures once again of this lovely area that we have called home for the past few weeks.

After breakfast we headed east on Highway 3 for about 5 kilometers to the view point. From this vantage point there is a great view of Osoyoos Lake, Haynes Point, US border crossing, Orville and Veranda Beach Resort (where we had lunch a couple of days ago). This was my second visit to this spot but it is well worth another trip and more pictures.


We also stopped at the Twisted Tree Winery on the way down the hill. This is a nine acre winery located on the east bench of Osoyoos Lake. The Twisted Tree has a panoramic view of the town of Osoyoos and Osoyoos Lake.


They make only small quantities of wine each year in order to ensure that they remain the hands-on winemakers. I, of course, added another bottle of chardonnay to my Okanagan wine collection.

During our stay in Osoyoos we have visited a few of the wineries in the area and have noticed that they all seem to be located on prime pieces of real estate. Even if you don't do the wine tasting or purchase any wine, the visits are worthy of many a picture.

Our afternoon was spent in the usual place..gotta make the four-legged boy happy..He had a great time and was very tired when we got back.

Doug took him for a walk up to the Spirit Ridge Resort but he wanted no part of it..poor thing just wanted to sleep!!


OSCAR is now repaired..good as new or probably better than new now!..The bill is paid and Mom and Dad can now carry on with the balance of the vacation!!

The wind is now blowing but we are getting use to it..except our outside garbage can has gone for a little ride in the wind..darn it..we should have put our name and address on it!! We will have to have a look for it in the morning!!!

Our last week here is going very quickly and as the sun sets on yet another day we are counting down to the end of our vacation of 2009.

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