Tuesday, September 22, 2009

52 years!!

This entry has not much to do with me but everything to do with my parents!!

They came to Canada 52 years ago from Germany and have never looked back..that was until this past Sunday..yes, it took them 52 years and two visits from german relatives to finally have them get on a plane and go back to Germany. 

(this photo is from May 2009..when Manfred and Astrid came to visit..Dad's sister's daughter and her husband..so our cousin!!)

We are very happy for them and hope that they have a great time..the weird part for me is that everyday I think..nine hours ahead..what are they doing??..sleeping, eating, visiting, touring??? 

They are only gone for ten days but we can't wait until they return home with all the pictures and the tales they will have of their adventure..safe travels Mom  and  Dad..!!


  1. Congratulations and Happy Travels Mom and Dad!

    We're so glad they made that decision 52 years ago today. If they hadn't, we probably wouldn't know you!!!!!


  2. Awesome...I hpe they have a great time!!!!


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