Thursday, September 10, 2009


Where were you when the world stopped turning???  

September 11, 2001..a day eight years ago a day that no one will ever forget.
The day that the United States history was changed forever. Those fallen will not be forgotten and those who survived will never forget.

I felt the need to write something to commmerate the 8th anniversay of 9/11. It is not a day we will forget even though we are Canadians, a day filled with tears and disbelief.

Once again,as he does every year on this day, Doug will wear his 9/11 T-shirt to work..even though it has a hole in it..he doesn't think the condition of the shirt is's more important to remember.

 Me?..I will climb the stairs in memory of the firefighters who went up the stairs of the twin towers..and I will also take the stairs down for those who were escaping.

Hold on tight to the ones you is short.

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