Wednesday, September 2, 2009

another busy day!!

Yet another sunny day here in Coquitlam..not that I saw very much of it! I am still busy cleaning and organizing! Not much purging went on today..sorry to disappoint all of you!

I spent the morning fixing Carlie's dresser. It is a piece of furniture from IKEA (swedish WALMART) of those kind that fall apart if you fill it to full..needless to say it is pretty full!!

It's not her stuff that we need to purge of course but when you only live in 960 square feet and there is three adults, and a dog and a cat.. it doesn't leave a lot of breathing room. And her room is only 9X9 and she loves to SHOP!! many tank tops can one girl own anyway? is like a rainbow of colours!..don't even get me started on the many pairs of shoes she has..good thing she is not moving into an RV..??!!

Carlie's room is now organized as best as I can do and my stove is all clean!!..those were my two jobs to-do list is complete!!

So as the sun sets on another day in the life of the Bidniaks, I sit here and ponder what to do tommorrow..what can I clean?..organize?..purge??

Stay tuned...only a few more days and it will be time to go back to WORK??..can I remember my locker combination?? password for the computer??..nope..out of sight out of mind..darn, I should have written it down before I left!?

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