Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back to work :(

I went back to work after my 60 day long vacation..tonight it feels alright to be back..reality has set in ..but it is just a "means to an end".  I go through the motions and do my job..and do it well..did not miss the politics..missed some of the people...  but on the whole I did not give any of them even a single thought while I was off.  The negative attitude from some of them can be very contagious and I need to surround myself  with positve people..ones who understand our need to "keep an eye on the prize".

Today was Tucker's first day home alone..all day..everyone was at work..he slept by the front door more than likely most of the day..he was there when Doug got home this afternoon.

So tonight as the dishwasher is washing our dinner dishes, and the dryer is tumbling.. I wonder what is for dinner for tommorrow.???...at least it's wednesday tommorrow..gotta take public transit ...haven't done that in a while..but at least there is time to read and listen to my ipod!!!

Just another day in paradise..not enough hours in the day to do everything..so I will just do what I can  and head off to bed..rest my weary feet and get ready for another day!!!

good night all...sweet dreams down the road!!!..

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