Monday, September 28, 2009

fort langley wrap up!!

Well, here it is Monday morning 6:15 am..our lovely weekend is but a distant memory!  The laundry is done and the bin is by the front door ready for loading items that will need to go to the trailer for our next trip.

We had a great weekend..the weather was good..sunny and warm..a perfect autumn weekend.  We did some a B on that one..five  out of seven caches found..we will need to go back and find the other two next time!!.. a nice restful weekend..and only 20 minutes from home!!  When we tell people we are going to Fort Langley they look at us like we are crazy.."don't knock it till you try it people!!"

So as our week begins once again we can only hope that it will be a good meniere's attacks for Doug would make it a great week! day at a time is all we can do!!

Happy Monday everyone!! to work we go..hi ho hi ho... :)

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