Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labour Day 2009!!

Today we decided to play "tourist in our own town".  We headed into downtown Vancouver and the ever popular tourist stop..GRANVILLE ISLAND.  It was family day for us..Tucker stayed home with Oliver and Carlie came along for the nice she actually had a day off from both her jobs today!!
the following excerpt is from the GRANVILLE ISLAND website....

"Nestled in the centre of Canada’s most beautiful city is a breathtaking island oasis that will steal your heart and seduce your senses. This gathering spot for both locals and tourists draws 10.5 million visitors each year (71% of Granville Island’s tourists are from outside of British Columbia)
Sample the fresh, tantalizing offerings of the market and restaurants. Browse the unique items crafted by some of the best local talent. Watch these artists and craftspeople as they create. Take in a play or two at our theatres. Granville Island is an urban haven filled with fine restaurants, theatres, galleries and studios, and all things that are fresh: seafood, fruit, vegetables, plants, flowers, candy, fudge, breads and baked treats.

Formerly an industrial area, Granville Island has a story to tell. Potters, weavers, textile artists, printers, a cobbler and jewelry makers now work in studios that were once foundries and machine shops. Performers have taken to the streets and filled empty warehouses with their shows.

This urban redevelopment is unique internationally and draws attention and study from planners globally. Granville Island is more than a market, more than an entertainment district, more than an artists’ neighbourhood, more than a marina, more than a visitor attraction. In 2004, the Granville Island Public Market celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

Granville Island was presented with a PPS award of Merit in 2002 when Great Markets Great Cities recognized the Public Market for its contribution to the social, economic and environmental health and well being of Vancouver. In 2004 Granville Island was named the “Best Neighbourhood in North America” by Project for Public Spaces, a New York-based nonprofit agency.

The Island’s community includes over 300 businesses, studios and facilities. It employs more than 2,500 people, and is home to residents living in the Sea Village neighbourhood (floating homes on the southeast end of Granville Island with water for a front yard)."

We had a lovely afternoon strolling through the public market, eating our delicious mexican lunch, looking at the view and watching all the boats on the water.  What a great idea Doug had today!!!..a fantastic way to end the Labour Day weekend!!

Back to work tommorrow for me..  I know it is reality but if only???...our travel friends in Port Orford are planning their departure in the next couple of weeks..heading towards their winter parking space  in Texas.  Our other friends have settled nicely in Kansas for the month of  September..we will have to live vicariously through both of  them for the next little while until we get back on the road again..even if it is only on the weekends!!!

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  1. The food pictures make me hungry!!! Great post!!!


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