Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We have been home for a couple of days now..after living in the trailer most of the summer you realize how little you can do without!

My day was spent cleaning,organizing and getting disposing of all the receipts that we had accumulated over the summer. PAPER PAPER EVERYWHERE!..but now at least we can start fresh. All the banking and the bills are organized once again!

This summer we purchased a new shower head for the trailer..one that pumps air into the water line so there is more pressure and you use less water..it was a vast improvement over the stock shower head that we had for the last two years,
But now that we are back HOME..I realized how much I missed the shower head we have here..this is about the only thing I did miss..and of course our daughter and the kitty, Oliver!!

Better get back to my purging...onto the kitchen cupboards and drawers!!

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