Tuesday, September 15, 2009

just tuesday..continued...

another work day done..half the month of september is now finished..and we have yet to take FREEWAY  out on the highway..poor FREEWAY..sitting rejected and alone at the storage lot..

It is a beautiful day today..sun is shining and its a balmy 25 degrees out!!!..if only work was not on the agenda for the rest of the week...that and a strata council meeting..yet another assesment is in our future..lucky us!!!..will it ever end..!!!!!!???

Tucker has had a cough for the last few days..we are thinking he either swallowed some pieces of wood ..yes he likes to chew sticks and his throat is a bit irritated .. ..or  he may have run into a dog with kennel cough....we hope it is just an irritation..he seems to be a bit better today..we will keep an eye on him for another day or two and if he is no better it will be off the vet for us!!!!

We are both tired today and thinking we know that our work life is the "means to the end"..but there has to be more to life than working, cooking, cleaning, laundry and making lunches!!.

We  really need to get away for a couple of days...next weekend it is suppose to rain but the following one looks pretty good according to the long range forecast..maybe we can blow the dust off FREEWAY ...and get out into the wilds of the lower mainland!!..maybe even rough it....no power, water or sewer, internet or cable???..ewwwww..then again maybe a power site would be better??

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