Saturday, September 12, 2009

more purging!!

Today it was not my intent to clean closets..but that was our activity this afternoon!  This morning we went and got new tires on Carlie's car, out for breakfast to our usual spot..IHOP.(international house of pancakes)....delicious as usual and then it was grocery fun fun..can you stand the excitment!!!

This afternoon I decided to clean my bedroom closet..that then turned into Doug's closet, dresser drawers, the scrapbooking supplies, the bathroom cabinet, the file folder filled with papers and reciepts, and the hallway closet!!!..what a great AFTERNOON..very productive!!!..thanks to Doug for all his help..even with a sore back he was a real "TROOPER"..once we started there was no stopping us!!!

You may wonder, why the purging? is only the beginning!!..gotta start somewhere???

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Coquitlam..not that we saw much of it today!!  Poor FREEWAY sitting out at the storage lot..soon??..maybe next weekend???

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