Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my kitchen is clean!!

I am what I consider to be a fairly organized person..a little bit obsessive to say the least..today it was purging day in the kitchen!
The picture on the left is from a couple of years ago..!..before we got so much stuff!!!
I went through every cabinet,drawer,fridge and freezer..what a chore but it is all clean and organized now!! We have been living here since 2003 and seemed to have accumulated a lot of stuff!

I took a few garbage bags to the dumpster, and some boxes filled with all the unnecessary items that we don't use anymore! My garbage will be someone else's treasures!!..gotta love recycling!!

A great sense of accomplishment today!..now I just have to wait and see what Doug says when he gets home..he does not take too kindly to change..lol!!

I know this is only the beginning of the purging ..but we have to start somewhere!!

I also sold Tucker's exercise dog pen today..posted it yesterday on Craig's List and sold it this morning!..made $75 woohooo!!..stayed home all day and still made some $$$$

I just love Craig's List..the best thing ever when it comes to unloading unwanted items!!

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