Saturday, September 5, 2009


It was suppose to be a rainy day today but we have yet to see anything falling from the sky?? The clouds are dark and ominous but have not let anything go yet.

A quiet weekend at home is ours for the taking! Doug has gone to Lynn Valley in North Vancouver with Tucker..class time once again! Maybe he will bring home some pictures worthy of posting??

Me?..I am just hanging out at home and quite happy to be doing that..laundry and tidying seems to be on my list of things to do..does that not sound like great fun? That and planning dinner..barbequed steak is on the menu, along with brushetta and goat cheese, red potatoes with leek and salad! Boy, we are eating as well as if we are "CAMPING"

Ironing awaits..better go..more later

Doug is home now..but did not take any photos..left the camera in the truck..I "borrowed" the ones below from the Lynn Canyon Park website.  He said it was a beautiful park and worthy of another trip..not too sure about the suspension bridge part  but I may give it a go??...wobbly knees and all..not a big fan of heights!!

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