Thursday, September 17, 2009

show me the money!!!!

Yet another assesment is coming our way..third one since we have lived here..first one was $ one was $ a new one..the total for the repair is $2.25 million..Merry freaking Christmas!!!!!!!..our share will more than likely be about $5000.

This place is sucking the life and the MONEY right out of our pockets and bank accounts..don't know how much longer we can keep up with this..there will be more assesments in our future too..we know that for a fact..more balconies will need to be repaired..will it ever end??????

Just came back for a strata council meeting with regards  to the latest repair that will need to be one was too happy with the bad news we all will take place next month and then from there we will find out when and how much our share will be!!..lucky us!!!

1 comment:

  1. Well that all sure sux!!!! I betting 2014 can't come soon enough for you guys!!??


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