Friday, September 18, 2009

working for the weekend!!!

Our  main focus these days seems to be the weekends..the means to the end of another  work week closer..we know we have lots of weeks left to deal with but one more is done!!!..don't know if this is a good way of thinking but it seems to be working for now!

We have no RVing plans this time around...Doug's brother is coming down from Keremeos to deliver some fruit and Doug is going to meet up with him for a few hours and give him a hand with deliveries..what a good brother he is!!..

Me? usual Saturday activities..laundry, housework, banking and groceries..we are maybe going to meet some friends for dinner tommorrow night..we are hoping for the Olive Garden in Langley ..but they live in North Vancouver so it may be too far!!!..have to wait and see what they want to do and we will plan from there!

Sunday will be a walk at Mundy Park for the "Tuckmeister"..girlfriend meeting again!!..lucky boy that he is..

As another work week ends ..and the weekend begins ..we can hope for nice weather and a nice relaxing two days off!!

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