Tuesday, October 13, 2009

day of rest??

The weather today was not too bad..some sun and some cloud and a bit of rain..and some wind!! a perfect fall day..the leaves are changing colour and blowing  all over the grass...it is a "winnie the pooh " kind of day..BLUSTERY!!!

Today was a vacation day for me from work..but not from the work that is involved in the day to day life..housework, grocery shopping, mailing a few items, and picking up Carlie's car from the repair shop..oh and taking Tucker over to Lafarge Lake so he can play with his "sister" Harmony!!

All in all.. a busy day once again...at the moment I have made three loaves of cranberry bread (the cranberries are from the Cranberry Festival) and five loaves of pumpkin bread....load them in the freezer ..you never know when you will need one or two!!

Tommorrow it is time to go back to work..only three days this week though..BONUS!!!..

1 comment:

  1. My goodness Betty Crocker....your place must have smelled delicious today!!!!


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