Monday, October 12, 2009

last "glamping" trip of 2009!!


Well that was a wrap, today!!..the temperature this morning was a very chilly 28 degrees!


This was our last trip with BIG DAWG AND FREEWAY for 2009 and what a year it has been!!

We are home now...FREEWAY'S clothes closets and drawers are emptied....we have yet to winterize but we figured we may as well get some of the "stuff" out while we had the opportunity.

Are we glad to be home?..NOT..we wish we could have stayed..the sun was shining..another perfect fall day..but duty,laundry, groceries, housework and other responsibilities too numerous to mention!

We want to say thank you to the Brae Island Regional Campground for being our home away from home for the last trip of the season.see you again next year!!..the laundry is calling ..gotta go!!!

P.S..FREEWAY may be done for 2009 but BIG DAWG will be out on the highway still..more to come later on this month!!

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