Sunday, October 4, 2009

one out of three???

As this weekend comes to a close we are heading back to work for a rest..after housework...six loads of shopping..walking the dog..going out to  the trailer and making a pathetic attempt at geocaching..we are calling this weekend DONE!!

Our Saturday was filled with household chores and wishing we were anywhere but here...and then Sunday was Doug's usual visit to Munday Park..out for breakfast..groceries...still wishing we were anywhere but here..

We also went out to visit our beloved FREEWAY..we went over the new Pitt River Bridge..198 million dollar new addition to Lougheed Highway..they were doing trial runs and had a couple of lanes open..should be good once it is all complete!! We loaded FREEWAY with the clean laundry from last weekend and made a quick list of what we will need for next weekend.  (Fort Langley for Thanksgiving weekend)...then it was off to find a few geo-caches??

We found the first one Casper's Cap with not too much trouble and then we ventured over to Lafarge Lake in search of two more..we had no luck with either one..we were walking circles around both of them and even with the clues we left feeling out of three ...we are such NEWBIES!!!..we need some lesssons from our mentors!!!

So as this weekend draws to a close and the condo smells of freshly made pumpkin loaf we are counting down the days to thursday when we will be back where we really would rather be...these last few days have made us realize that we really are just going through the motions!!  I know we should not rush our lives and be in such a hurry to move onto the next phase but "geez get on with it already."

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