Friday, October 16, 2009

PBJ..been two years !!!

It has been two years since I have seen my friend, Brenda...she and her husband Ken moved to the city of Nelson, British Columbia five years ago..We have been friends since 1980..we met when Brenda started working at the hospital..we worked together in the kitchen. ..seems like a life time ago..the kids have grown, we have all gotten older and we have all moved on with our lives. 

I met her this evening at Montana's for was great to see her and catch up on all that has been happening.over the past couple of years..yes, there is facebook but meeting face to face is so much better..when she lived here we would go to Starbucks and have coffee..we would call these coffee sessions our PB and J visits..( it was more like a venting session so we thought we would call them PBJ..petty bitter and case you were wondering what it stood for).. . but now that she lives a nine hour drive away..that is a bit  more difficult....

Old friends are a treasure near and dear to the heart..miss you Brenda..don't stay away so long next time!!!

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