Saturday, October 10, 2009

the three c's..cranberries..canoes..campfire


Yet another sunny fall day here in Fort Langley..the temperature this morning was a a balmy 46 degrees ..our plan today was to walk into town and go to the Cranberry Festival.

We had our breakfast..took Tucker to the field across from the campground for a game of retrieve the ball..we needed to tire him out as we were leaving him in the trailer while we went to the festival.

Our neighbours this morning had started cooking their Thanksgiving turkey in a garbage can surrounded with briquettes??..not a process we have seen before but it was a different way to cook a bird especially one that weighed in at 38 pounds!!


We headed down the trail towards the cranberry festivities and were pleasantly surprised as to how busy it was…


even with the lack of the Albion Ferry this day was well attended!!..great for the community of Fort Langley.

2009283223154093We wandered the streets....looking at all the vendors..


made a few purchases of cranberries, pumpkin pie and some cranberry scones..


and of course we could not resist some mini-donuts.


Before heading back to the campsite we watched some of the canoe regatta on the Brae Regional canal..10 person canoes vying for the first place spot.

We went back to the trailer and had lunch and a campfire. As were we sitting outside around the campfire we noticed a paddle wheeler travelling down the canal....


we ventured back into Fort Langley to take a few more pictures of the paddle wheeler and we watched the end of the canoe regatta..sitting on the beach in the sunshine..felt like summer once again!!

20092832252071992009283225258587200928322535235520092832254416182009283225536836A great day in our little world..!! some good pictures..had a campfire..a real one..not the propane kind!!..


and so ends our day of C's..cranberries..canoes and campfires!! we are heading to bed the temperature outside is 37 degrees..going  be a cool one overnight!!!

2009283225632874Tomorrow??..maybe a couple of geo-caches ..and Carlie is coming for dinner!!

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